Writer’s Guidelines

Who are we?

SHINE TYC is a digital lifestyle magazine from the Kamryn Adams Media Group, LLC that inspires our readers to be authentic, bold, smart, and courageous about who they are, what they do and how they live. Christianity is not just our religion it is our lifestyle. What we eat, what we read, where we go and how we love are all guided by our faith in Jesus Christ.  We live our lives on purpose. We are intentional about everyday life.

Our Purpose

First, we aim to help readers find the link between their human experience and the very real awareness of the presence and reality of God. There are many arguments and avenues to “prove” that God is real; None is more powerful than our everyday life experiences.

We also aim to be a resource for confessed Christians to live out their faith every day.  We provide inspiration, motivation, and lifestyle solutions to make being a Christian a 24/7/365 experience.

Our Readers

Our readers are people who are serious about living purposeful lives. They might not be knowledgeable about the Bible, but they know that God is the creator of the universe. They believe (or perhaps considering) that Jesus is the Son of God.  They may be searching for answers and looking for ways to make sense of life around them.

Our Tone

Shine TYC articles need to offer a view of life, faith, entertainment, beauty and style through a God-Loving lens. Articles need to contain a distinct Christian perspective. If included, please use the New Living Translation or New International Version when quoting scripture in your article.  Life is complex and we don’t aim to force our readers into doing things one way.  We believe there is only one way to the Father through Jesus but there are many ways to express our faith.  Avoid being preachy, always use compassion to make even the toughest points.  Use humor and a informal tone, if appropriate. Be Authentic. Be Bold. Be Smart. Be Courageous.

Please send query letters to shine@kamrynadams.com

 All articles should be between 350-600 words  with suggested link backs.

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