Beyond the Board

Build Your Vision. Achieve Your Goals.

Beyond the Board is a complete visioning course because building the vision for your life is more than cutting out pretty pictures of what you want your life be. You need a plan and that plan has to come from inside you. You need dedicated time to think about what you really want for your life and most importantly, why you want it.

Don’t worry…You’ll still get to do a vision board.

This 4-week guided course helps you tap into your inner desires and set a vision to achieve your goals.

Course includes:

  • A complete guided personal development course
  • Weekly live group coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Peer mentoring on private, secure message boards
  • Greater self-awareness of your needs, priorities, and values
  • Better understanding and clarity on what you want now and next
  • A personal development plan to reach your goals
  • And of course…A VISION BOARD if you so choose.