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Physical and Spiritual Health Yield Emotional Wellness

Imagine taking a vase and breaking it on the floor. Now gather as many pieces as you can and glue them back together…like a puzzle. You can make it look like a vase again. It no longer holds water. However, if you light a candle and place it inside, the light shines through the cracks. We are that broken vase. We can always put the pieces back together and let our lights shine.


7 Things I MUST Believe in More than God

COVID19 sheltering has given me time to ponder the mysteries of my life. Some of these discoveries are welcome additions. I’ve learned that I have more patience, perseverance, and discipline than I thought I had. Other discoveries have been tough to acknowledge and excruciating to accept. The most disappointing is that there are seven things… Continue reading 7 Things I MUST Believe in More than God


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