Are You My Soulmate? by Robin Burke

Apostle Robin Burke is the Founder and Pastor of Pure Ministry Outreach in Ironton, OH. She is the author of “A Lamp Unto My Feet”.  Her philosophy in Bible teaching is to go deeper and not neglect “the more to it.”    Everybody wants to be in a relationship with their soulmate. A soulmate is someone that […]

He Said, She Said

In the past 30 days, I’ve been to Brazil, Spain, and Switzerland. That’s Portuguese, Spanish, and German language in my ears. Trying to navigate my way through the day with limited understanding of these languages is sometimes exhausting and quite frustrating.  When you are trying to discuss something with someone whose native language is different […]

4 Reasons Not to Cut Off Your Relationships

Learning to accept (not just tolerate) other people is a huge part of our journey to love. We have a tendency to feel like everyone (or most people) should think like us, behave like us, BE like we are. If you are a fast-paced, goal-oriented driver it takes an effort to build relationships with slower-paced, […]

Judge Other People If You Want

Bernie Madoff swindled people in a Ponzi scheme. YOU WOULD NEVER DO THAT! But you are still intentionally dodging the person whom you owe $100.  A young man slapped his mother in the face. YOU WOULD NEVER DO THAT! But you will slap your daughter’s mother in the face. Your girlfriend got back with her […]

Surround Yourself With the Right People

Who is on your team? If you are saying to yourself “What team?” then I can suppose that you have not formed a team of people around you to help you build a successful life.  You cannot go it alone.  A standard philosophy in personal development is that you must have like-minded people around you that challenge […]

The Powerless Nature "I’m Sorry"

They say words have power… Words have power.  You can get metaphysical, spiritual, or just commonsensical with it. When you tell yourself you will do something, you usually do it.  When you say, “I think I’m getting sick” you usually end up sneezing within the hour.  Words carry the ability to shape your world. We let […]

Relationships Never End.

Photo credit: iStock Photo/Getty I’ve been quoted as saying that “Love never ends but relationships do.”  I want to correct myself today. I was wrong….yep I said it. I was wrong.  Relationships do not actually end because once a relationship exists in your life it is present in your life in some way emotionally, mentally […]

A Picture Perfect Relationship

In the picture to the left you know that there is a glass. The determination of whether it is half-full or half-empty depends on your mindset. The liquid in the glass is debatable, as well. Water? Vodka? Mineral oil? Is that glass new or used? How long has the glass been sitting on the table? […]

Three Little Pigs and A Side Chick

We are a week out from the return of “Scandal” on ABC.  In the meantime BET’s series “Being Mary Jane” starring Gabrielle Union has generated lot of conversation in my life recently around the 7th commandment… Do not commit adultery.  No argument from me there. Adultery is morally and spiritually wrong.  It is written that […]

Jodeci, Red Velvet Cake and the Real Love of My Life

Love is a journey that we begin as little girls. We have our first crush, our first kiss and the first time we think we have fallen in love, which is usually followed by our first broken heart and the second time we think we have fallen in love…but for real this time only to […]

Stages of Grief After a Lost Relationship

The stages of grief can be related to any loss in your life.  It can be a loss due to death of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a pet or the loss of a relationship due to circumstance.  When we lose relationships we often go through a grieving process.  I’ve changed […]

Love in Ruins

Nothing brings more inspiration to this blog than Thursday nights. I can always count on ABC’s “Scandal” to muddy the waters of love.  Last night Fitz told Olivia, “You ruined me” to which she responded, “I’m ruined.”  He then said, “I don’t care.”  Does that sound like two people in love? It has now been a […]

Painful, Difficult, Devastating….Love?

Last night on ABC’s “Scandal” Olivia Pope told Edison she wanted “painful, difficult, devastating, extraordinary, life-changing love.”   Really? I have to give it up to Shonda Rhimes for creating Olivia Pope.  We love Liv because she is a smart, dynamic, strong heap of mess and she knows it.  Last night illustrated that more than […]

Teach Me How To Love

“Teach Me How to Love” by Musiq Soulchild is one of my favorite songs.  The first line is “I was always told the true definition of a man is to never cry”. He goes on to say that he doesn’t know how to surrender his heart to love. He knows his relationship is broken and misaligned but […]

Sugar and Spice, But Not So Nice

What are little girls made of? made of? What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice That’s what little girls are made of? Just when I start to believe that it is becoming passé to write about the way women treat each other somebody starts acting up in the world.  I […]