Developing a Moral Compass in Our Children

Lesson #3 in the MOMnificent: Faith-Filled Parenting series. Kamryn Adams teaches us that the we can shape the way our children will go, as adults, by giving them a defined compass now that points to God.

Raising Purposeful Children

In this 2nd segment of “Momnificent: Faith Filled Parenting” Kamryn Adams explores God’s purpose for our children.

Doing Their Own Thing

Allowing our children to be who God created them to be.

Parenting Through Your Cracks

As parents we are always working on our own “stuff” while teaching our children how  to work out their own internal and adolescent struggles. My 12-year old son joins me for an episode of Shine TYC and shares what he believes the role of a parent should be in the life of a child.