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Top 3 Things I Miss On the Keto Diet

Like all things TYC, I was intentional when I decided to start my low-carb life. I spent a lot of time reading and researching. I learned how to choose low-carb substitutes for many things. The biggest switch was from sugar to stevia, then to Swerve. After that I changed all-purpose flour to almond flour or… Continue reading Top 3 Things I Miss On the Keto Diet

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Eating: It’s Definitely A “Thing”

Eating has always been a "thing" for me. I've been obsessive about my weight since I was fifteen and broke a hundred pounds on the scale. 104, to be exact. I'll never forget it. That same week my dance instructor told me "You're gaining weight. Watch that." Not sure if I thought I'd live my… Continue reading Eating: It’s Definitely A “Thing”