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Stick to the Plan

It can be difficult and frustrating to navigate our faith while being a part of a family where everyone is not on the same page of the Bible or maybe they're not in the book at all.  In John 7 Jesus' brothers encourage him to go to Judea to the Jewish Festival. They told him to perform… Continue reading Stick to the Plan

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Grounded and On Guard

Jesus often spoke in parables to help people understand the principles of God's kingdom. He also spoke in parables to expose those who were hardened and would not listen.  Mark 4:1-20, contains a passage called "The Parable of the Sower."  In this parable, Jesus teaches the people that they need to do two things: stay… Continue reading Grounded and On Guard

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Saints and Summer Cocktails

Does the Bible contradict itself?  1 Corinthians 6:10 says that drunkards are going to hell, but in John 2, Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding.  Was Jesus setting people up to fail? He said in Matthew 15:11 that what we eat and drink don't matter. So...why can't we just eat and drink what we want?   Unlike… Continue reading Saints and Summer Cocktails