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Thanks for Nothing

I've spent the month of November studying and practicing gratitude. Every day I made a list of three things for which I am a grateful. I challenged myself to remember all that God has done in my life. Last week, subscribers received an email urging them to remember the things God has done for them.… Continue reading Thanks for Nothing

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Stick to the Plan

It can be difficult and frustrating to navigate our faith while being a part of a family where everyone is not on the same page of the Bible or maybe they're not in the book at all.  In John 7 Jesus' brothers encourage him to go to Judea to the Jewish Festival. They told him to perform… Continue reading Stick to the Plan

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TYC Rant: I’m embarrassed to be an American Christian.

Once upon a time, reading the Gospels I saw Jesus in a new and powerful way. He was no longer a storybook character in a cradle or on a cross. He became a real life example of how to live and move and have my being. Jesus, I still love him as much as the… Continue reading TYC Rant: I’m embarrassed to be an American Christian.

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Do Not Give Up On God

  In a time when our self-image and self-worth are challenged daily by social media highlight reels of people who seem to lead perfect, adventurous, well-maintained, lives with exceptional children and extraordinary marriages, it's easy to focus on what's wrong with our lives. Psalm 139 reminds us that even the things we think are "wrong"… Continue reading Do Not Give Up On God