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Stay in Your Lane. Get the necessary tools to begin a journey of self-discovery. Filled with personal reflection exercises and anecdotes, Kamryn gives readers a necessary “pep talk” to thrust you into your life’s purpose by helping you align what you can do with your passion to do more with your life.  

Fed and Focused is a bible study to help you live an intentional life as a Christian.  We are Christians ON PURPOSE. We made a decision to follow Christ. Now what?  Do we just go to church every Sunday and get fed? Yes, that’s part of it. But, the purpose of getting fed by the preacher is to go out and do something for Christ.  What’s your assignment from God? Fed and Focused takes readers through the exploratory path of finding purpose, spiritual gifts and committing to an assignment from God.  

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Holy Hustle Balance. It’s what we long for in our lives as we hear shouts of “Work harder!” in one ear, and whispers to “rest more” in the other. What if God’s plan for us isn’t just one way or the other? 

Enter the holy hustle. You were created to work with enthusiasm for the right reasons—and you were also made with a need to rest. Discover the place where these two sides meet in a happy, holy hustle.

Meditating on God’s Word gives readers tools for the spiritual battlefield and guides them into a deeper relationship with God. As you meditate on his word, you will remember the promises that God has given us. Dr. Browne takes the mystery out of meditation, teaching readers how, where, and why to meditate on God’s word.

This 21-day guide takes you through breathing exercises and daily meditations on God’s Word to improve your health, wealth, and family.

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