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Fed and Focused is a bible study to help you live an intentional life as a Christian.  We are Christians ON PURPOSE. We made a decision to follow Christ. Now what?  Do we just go to church every Sunday and get fed? Yes, that’s part of it. But, the purpose of getting fed by the preacher is to go out and do something for Christ.  What’s your assignment from God? Fed and Focused takes readers through the exploratory path of finding purpose, spiritual gifts and committing to an assignment from God.  

Stay in Your Lane. Get the necessary tools to begin a journey of self-discovery. Filled with personal reflection exercises and anecdotes, Kamryn gives readers a necessary “pep talk” to thrust you into your life’s purpose by helping you align what you can do with your passion to do more with your life.  

Stormy has grown up with the warning that she is cursed. Raised in a family of eight women with twenty-four husbands among them, she has managed to escape the family’s legacy thus far. Things begin to change once she is given the details of a voodoo hex that was cast upon her great grandmother over eighty years ago. Managing the antics of her adulteress young cousin, Riley, exhausts Stormy. Comforting the heartbreak of her older cousin, Lourdes, angers her. After a devastating turn of events on par with her birthright, Stormy decides to seek a remedy for the family’s plight. She travels to New Orleans determined to find answers. Along the way, she faces a quilt of obstacles and a set of choices that challenge her reality. Will she reveal the information or continue playing the hand she was dealt by an angry young woman in the Bayou? 

Kamryn Adams award-winning debut novel, Par for the Curse, examines the impact of generational secrets on family life, and love.

Gathering Moss. Keeping a family together is hard work, especially when the family has been blended by life’s challenges. Psychiatrist Farah Goodwyn always wanted a family and for sixteen years she had a wonderful life with her husband and daughter. Then, Riley Briggs, her daughter’s birthmother, showed up and changed everything. Now she has to figure out how to grow a family tree with all the loose branches and twigs that life has given her. But can she do it all alone?