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Surrender Mode

Well, we’re heading with full steam towards the end of our #oneword year. There’s still time to make the necessary changes to reach our physical, emotional, or spiritual goals. I’ve put a lot of “Surrender” into practice this year, but I know that there is more for me to do. I’m going to rock this surrender out until the ball drops. Are you with me? There’s still time for you to keep the promises you made to yourself back in January. There’s still time to drop some of the weight, take a class, or start writing, singing, drawing…whatever you said you’d do this year, there is still time to get it done.

Interestingly enough, it was around this time last year that I felt God calling me into a focus of “surrender” for 2023. Last year was my year of “CHOICE” and I killed it. I exercised my choice to be whole and powerful. I had a ball during my #oneword year of “choice” traveling with friends and family. I chose to work hard on projects that fueled my passion to create redemption stories that illustrate the love of God while not ignoring the hardship that life can bring. It was a good year for my #oneword endeavors.

Recently I examined all the #oneword years I’ve had: courage, aim, go, renew, release, grace, and choice. Everything but “Go” was a success in my opinion — and nobody else’s opinion matters in this regard. I started “Go” strong but had an unexpected loss in the back half of the year that sat me down in grief. So I came back the next year with “renew” so that I could recover. Then, in late 2019, I heard the word “Release” and made it my focus for 2020. That was prophetic, no doubt. From there I went to “Grace” and basically did nothing but rest after I wrote my fictionalized memoir, TOYI ELIZABETH.

With “choice” I started to feel more like my pre-pandemic self, but I knew I wasn’t quite there yet. So I surrendered to it. I surrendered to the ways in which I was affected by the pandemic, not all of them negative. I quite enjoyed my sparkling isolation at times. I also felt guilty for doing so. Those two years of uncertainty allowed me focus without distraction and take inventory of my life, work, and relationships. This year, I surrender to the outcome of those two years. I am stronger. I’m wiser. I’m better…you know the song.

As we head into the last four months of the year, I’m still in surrender mode. There’s more to do with this #oneword of mine. If you’ve been keeping up with my year of “Surrender” then you know the initial whisper was to surrender to me— to who I am and what I can do through Christ who strengthens me. I surrender to the reality that I cannot do everything for everybody. I also surrender to the powerful truth that I can do more than I’m doing, more than I think I can.

So can you, my friends.

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2 thoughts on “Surrender Mode”

  1. I am a “one word for the year” person. My word for 2023 is “Home” and I am still amazed by all the references in songs about home, Bible verses, podcasts etc, that I find to give me more to put in my journal for this year. I also am awarding you bonus points for picking your word 4 months in advance. I’m still trying to process this year, much less think that far ahead! I guess that’s why you’re so wonderfully you!

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