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That Thing was not THE Thing

The beginning of the year is a time of reflection for many people. In addition to setting new goals and embarking upon new habits, we tend to be reflective. We take a look at the past. Some of us take a quick glance and say “Thank Ya Jesus!” to avoid being turned to a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife. That’s Genesis 19:26. #readyourbible Others, may look back and mourn lost loves, missed opportunities, or stolen moments.

This post is for the others.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume we all spend time thinking about life before March 2020. At the moment, I’m gazing through my office window at the falling snow and my heart longs for backyard cookouts with seventy of my closest friends dueling over top five MCs and which version of “Before I Let Go” is better. It’s Frankie Beverly, by the way.

No, I not talking about that kind of playful yearning. I want you to consider the place in your heart that thinks you missed something. The tiny (or gaping) hole in your heart that believes your opportunity to live with purpose has been stolen. This is the time of year when people start thinking that they have taken the wrong job, started the wrong business, or…I’m just going to say it…married the wrong person. You’ve reflected on your life and “if I had just…” keeps popping into your head.

Stop it! That thing was not the thing. That person was not the person. The job was not the job. That business opportunity was not the business opportunity. I made a decision this year to write for Amazon’s new platform, Kindle Vella. My decision was partially driven by the notion that early in my writing career I turned down two staff opportunities at start-up platforms that have become major media outlets. I missed it.

As I reflected on whether I had missed my opportunity to manifest my writing dreams, I was reminded of someone in the Bible. Y’all knew this was coming…

In the book of Genesis Joseph was the favorite son among twelve brothers. He had a dream that he would be in charge one day. His brothers were not hearing it. So they did what they needed to do to keep him from being the boss of them. Spoiler alert! It didn’t work. Joseph had mega shine. Everywhere he went, his gifts elevated him to a high position. He was given favor by virtue of who he was. His brother’s sold him into slavery to get rid of him, but that’s not my point.

Joseph was sold into slavery and bought by an Egyptian officer named Potiphar. Joseph was so dope that Potiphar promoted him and put him in charge of everything just like Joseph dreamed would happen. BUT THEN… Joseph was sexually harassed on the job by Potiphar’s wife. She lied about it and Joseph ended up in prison. That thing was not thing he dreamed, even though it may have looked and felt like the thing he dreamed.

You following me?

In prison, because Joseph was who he was, he rose to prominence once again. Even in prison, Joseph used his shine to help other people and his reputation for being dope continued. It was much later in the story before the real meaning of the dream manifested in Joseph’s life. And…just like he dreamed, he indeed became the boss of his big brothers.

Here’s my point….

Any “thing” you’ve lost along the way is not the thing. You haven’t missed the opportunity to fulfill the dream God has given you. That other thing may have looked like the dream, but it wasn’t. Otherwise, it would have manifested in your life. Because….say it with me….”You can make plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” That’s Proverbs 19:21.

Don’t lean into this year trying to recover something you think you lost. Move forward. Follow the path God has set in front of you and you’ll see that thing you lost was not THE thing promised to you.

That’s all.

Still trying to figure it out?

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  1. ummm that’s deep .. Thank you God that your plan will prevail no matter what! Glory to God! Amen.. pressing forward!!

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