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Six Months Into Grace

Well, half the year is over and I’m still living, moving, and have my being in God’s grace. My #oneword for this year is “Grace.” Every year I choose a word that embodies my goals and directs my personal strategy for achieving those goals. My one word basically serves as a reminder throughout the year. It informs my decision making. It informs which opportunities I pursue and which I will refuse. Each year, my one word defines my “Yes” and my “No” daily. I infuse my one word into my life on purpose.

Grace is such a complicated thing for me. I’m not sure why, but it is. God’s grace, by definition, is the easiest thing in the world to receive. Yet, we find His grace so hard to accept. While we always want grace for ourselves, we find it difficult to extend grace to those who hurt us. When asked what my new book , TOYI ELIZABETH, is all about, I simply respond…. “It’s about grace…receiving it and giving it.”

The last time I gave my #oneword update, I was “Six Weeks Into Grace” and doing fine. Now, I’m six months into my journey to fully accept God’s grace and extend grace to others. Honestly, I don’t have much of a hard time extending grace to other people. The person I offer the least among of grace is myself. I’m hard on “me” and it’s become a habit that I intend to break.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of success with my #oneword. I had “courage” and “refresh” which I dominated thoroughly. I absolutely smashed my year of “aim” and this blog is the fruit of that one. The only year that I didn’t just clobber my #oneword was my year of “Go!” I lost my dear uncle midway through the year and the rest of the year was a bust. It happens!

Lots of people ask how I stay on track with my #oneword each year. I basically make the word part of my life daily. I read about it. Meditate on it. Put it into practice intentionally. Here are a few tips…

Share It

Every year my husband buys me things with my #oneword on it: t-shirts, candles, coffee mugs, notebooks, etc. He’s vested with me. Additionally, I have several friends that also chose #oneword for the year. We hold each other accountable. Having an accountability partner to remind you of your word and keep you encouraged is important.

Study It

The first book I read this year was “Grace over Grind” by Shae Bynes. It helped me to reprioritize my work life as an entrepreneur since work is probably the place where I offer myself the least amount of grace. Because “grace” is lthe entire deal with the Gospel, I committed myself to doing several Bible studies on grace. The Youversion Bible app has tons of plans to choose from. I’m sure there is a plan that can help you with your word. Learn about your one word. It helps.

Live it

Part of the process for choosing my #oneword for the year is defining how I will put it into action. I first ask myself “Is this a word I can act on?” If so, I list very specific ways I can put the word into action. For example, in this year of “grace” I am committed to getting sleep rather than grinding all night with work. I accept God’s grace for the success of my business. I offer grace to myself to get rest and embrace self-care. While I’ve had to pull a few late nights this year, it is the exception, not the norm.

The purpose of having the #oneword is not just to rock the word. It’s to achieve your goals.

Check In

Your #oneword is the strategy to reach your goal. So, be sure to check-in with how you’re doing along the way. The purpose of having the #oneword is not just to rock the word. It’s to achieve your goals. My goal for the year is to keep the business thriving amidst all of my life changes without running myself into the ground. Grace is the key to my goal achievement.

My year of “grace” has already been a huge success with the launch of TOYI ELIZABETH and that preachin’ garden of mine. I look forward to the next six months and what’s next for “grace” and me. I’m preparing for my younger son to go off to college. My older son has moved out of state for an amazing new job shining with his purpose. It’s all so exciting as God’s grace leads me into my empty nest and guides me towards what’s next.

How are you doing with your one word? Need some help? If so, you can schedule a coaching session with me and we’ll work through it together.

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