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Of Course, I See God in HAMILTON

This is SHINE TYC and we see God everywhere…at least that’s our prayer. We see the world through the lens of our faith, we purposely consume entertainment through that same lens. With that being said….like many of you I got my Disney+ subscription this week so I could see the Broadway sensation, Hamilton.

It was fabulous. We all know that by now. Beyond the production, storytelling, and acting, there is a deep redemptive message. You need “eyes” to see it and “ears” to hear it. My TYC eyes were dazzled. As I was preparing this post I discovered the book God and Hamilton: Spiritual Themes from the Life of Alexander Hamilton and the Broadway Musical He Inspired. I read an article in Christianity Today that explored the book and the musical. So, I decided….why reinvent the wheel?

After reading the article and starting the book, I was delighted that I wasn’t the only one with TYC eyes on Hamilton. Therefore, rather than crowd the internet with more of the same I’ll simply direct you to the Christianity Today article for spiritual insights. I’ll use this post to give my glowing endorsement to Lin-Manuel Miranda for having the courage to do “it” differently. I don’t know if he’s Christian or not, but the brilliance with which he portrays the Founding Fathers, the creativity of adding Hip Hop to Broadway, and the flawless execution of story— That’s God!

I’ll let you read it for yourself but I do not want you to miss that the life of Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant to the United States from the Caribbean, was filled with loss and pain, satisfaction and success. An orphan, who— like many of us was walking “with a limp” through the life— made the most of his circumstances. The song “I’m Not Throwing Away My Shot” made my fingertips tingle. For those living with deep childhood scars, we understand the importance of seizing opportunities that shift our trajectories. Hamilton, whether intentional or not, is the embodiment of the wonderful Gospel that God uses everything in our lives to create something good, something beautiful.

I agree with Sarah Arthur from CT mag. Hamilton — “with its moral vision and artistic innovations—offers an invaluable lens on both our current moment and our Christian responsibilities within it.”  Read the full article and learn more.

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