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We Have Rights

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While fraud within the Paycheck Protection Program was inevitable, many large profitable businesses legally qualified for federal funds based on the criteria, e.g., the LA Lakers. Since my family isn’t in financial hardship during COVID 19, my husband and I agreed that I would leave the PPP money for those who need it most. As a small business owner, I am well within my rights to apply for a PPP loan. However, a significant part of Christian living is giving up your personal rights to benefit others. It’s a thing– a big one in Christianity.

You say, ” I am allowed to do anything” — but not everything is good for you. You say, “I am allowed to do anything” — but not everything is beneficial.

1 Corinthians 10:23

Doing something just because you can may lead to legal, financial, emotional, or spiritual consequences that you don’t want. Right now droves of people are exercising their right to storm state houses despite the advice of medical experts. (I’m still amazed that mobs of people are able to do this without a single incidence of police violence; but that’s a different blog post.) These people are potentially putting themselves and others at risk.

In America we have rights to do all kinds of things that aren’t necessarily good for us. We need to use these rights carefully to avoid harming ourselves or others.  You have the right to drink as much as you want, but you better not drive while exercising that right. You have the right to own a gun, but you don’t have the right to use it for a mass shooting. You have the right to protest, but not to destroy someone’s personal property in the process. You have a right to jog, to buy candy, and to ask why you’re being pulled over.

This is America and we have rights!

Jesus said, “there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”  Laying down our lives isn’t just taking a bullet or jumping in front of a moving car, it is giving up our personal rights and privilege for the benefit of others. We’re sheltering in place and giving up some HIPAA rights for the safety of the nation. Sure, we have the right to remain silent, but kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and love dictate that we speak out against injustice even if it disrupts our joy and peace . There’s no law against this.

Times of crisis bring out the worst in us before forcing the best in us. COVID-19 gives Christians an opportunity to shine in faith, to show the world what’s different about us. It’s our opportunity to show the world that we trust God and they can, too.

Times of crisis bring out the worst in us before forcing the best in us.

As followers of Christ, we don’t do things just because we can.  We do things that follow the example of our Lord. WDJD? What did Jesus do? He gave up his rights for the sake of others. I think it’s time for more of us to do the same.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Wash Your Hands.

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