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Wash Your Hands and Keep the Faith, Baby

Unless you’ve been vacationing on Jupiter for the last few weeks you are inundated with news about COVID 19, the Corona virus. Over the past couple of weeks the online chatter has elevated from jokes about our inorganic, non-hygienic, gluten-filled childhoods to the current state of emergency here in metropolitan New York. It’s not that funny anymore.

Fear is growing and when fear grows it diminishes faith. In Mark 3, Jesus performs miracles. He heals the sick and casts out demons. In Mark 4, a storm rocks the boat and the disciples get panicked. Jesus calms the storm and says, “Do you still have no faith?” After everything you just saw me do, a storm freaks you out? [My words not his.]

When new storms come it’s difficult to remember all the miracles we’ve seen. When winds howl and rain violently beats against our windows, we get afraid because we forget that Jesus is in control. To quote my grandmother, “Use the good sense God gave you.” Wash Your hands and keep the faith, baby!

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