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Limit the View to Keep Your Peace

Recently, I had a window seat on a flight. I normally book an aisle seat because I prefer to get up and walk around a bit. However, this flight was a small regional jet so my seat had both a window and an aisle. It was a single seat that gave me aisle access with a majestic view. As I looked down over beautiful neighborhoods and cars driving along the roads and highways, it all looked calm, quiet, and peaceful. Therefore, I was calm, quiet, and peaceful, too.

As I inhaled God’s peace on that airplane, it struck me that people in those cars might be cussing and fussing and honking their horns in anger. I had limited visibility to those things so they didn’t disturb my peace. It was an interesting thought and it stuck with me for the rest of the flight. When we back away from our problems and imperfections, we are less bothered by the little things involved. Close-up, all of our problems look huge. All of our imperfections are glaring like a tiny spot on a sweater that only you can see because you know it’s there. If we maintain some distance and limit our visibility, we get a better view of God’s big picture.

When we back away from our problems and imperfections, we are less bothered by the little things involved.

Ephesians 2:6 says that we are seated with Christ in heavenly realms…way up there. So why do we get so bogged down in all the little things that happen in our lives down here? We might be better served to tap into the heavenly part of us that is farther away from the issue. You can’t sweat the small stuff if you don’t see it. Take a deep breath and visualize yourself high above the problem or conflict. What don’t you see now that you saw before? Focus on the big picture. What’s really happening? Forget the little annoyances that go along with it. Don’t let them disrupt your peace.

Limiting your visibility hides the little things that can cause unnecessary strife and/or anxiety. If there were a flood , a fire, or a major pile up below, I would have easily seen it. Taking a few steps back won’t cause you to miss the things that really matter. The things that are big enough to concern you will always get your attention.

As you move forward with your plans, resolutions, and goals, be sure not to focus too closely on the little things, the things that don’t matter in the long run. Take a step higher and see God’s big picture for your life. If you miss a day of exercise, don’t worry. Start again tomorrow. The big picture is to be more healthy. If you lose your temper, don’t sweat it. Apologize. Do better next time. The big picture is to love one another. If you fall down. Get back up. The big picture is for you to finish the journey.

Maybe you don’t need a new job, new friends, or a new plan in 2020. Maybe you’re just too close to the little things to see the big picture.

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