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Why I Chose My One Word For 2020

The way I choose my #oneword for the new year is by first understanding my assignment for the coming year. The process takes about three months of prayer, study, meditation and consecration. I start October 1st each year.

My assignment for 2020 is “more me” and I’ve been tossing it around for over six weeks. I needed to get under it, stand over it, and walk beside it because it obviously sounds counter intuitive to my faith. John 3:30 says that “He must become greater. I must become less.” So when God gave the task — more of me in 2020 — I was perplexed. So, we wrestled until I understood it clearly.

I don’t have much support for things I’m about to do next year, #butGOD has confirmed it 3 times. So…yeah…there’s that. In order to prepare, I spent a lot of time with Gideon in Judges 6 and with the paralytic man in John 5. Am I prepared? Heck no! Am I moving forward anyway? Absolutely!

It’s “me,” it’s “me,” it’s “me” oh Lord… 🎶 You know the song.

Each year, my #oneword is the action plan for my assignment. It’s the most critical thing I need to do to complete the task God has given me for the coming year. Because I “quit” in 2020, my one word for the year is RELEASE!

Today is my last day of holding on to things that God has been trying to take from me: expectation of others, guilt, fear, obligation, plans, and pain. I quit!! I also get to release some really cool stuff into the world: potential, authenticity, truth, love and more. I’m in!!

What will you release today so you can be the “me” God wants you to be?

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