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5 Tips (and Scriptures) to Help Survive Your Facebook Newsfeed

“They” say Facebook makes people feel bad. There are numerous articles written about the dangers of social media on your emotional health. Here’s the thing. FB news feeds only make people emotional when they feel “sumkinda way” about their own lives. So here are some tips to help:

#1 Get whole and love your whole life. Embrace your reality and don’t compare it to the fantasy in your heart and mind. My grandma used to say “See things for what they are, not what you want them to be.” (John 5:6)

#2 Fix don’t fixate. Focus on what you want to change in your life instead of using energy to examine, judge or immerse yourself in someone else’s life. (Romans 12:2)

#3 Become a healthy narcissist. Live your life the way God created you to live and deafen your ears to background noise that interferes with the soundtrack for your life. Do you so you can do unto others, as well. (Mark 12:31)

#4 Get over yourself. God has created an entire universe and all the people in it. The world will not cease to turn because you get a divorce, lose your temper, get a new car, lose a job, or win the Powerball. If posting your personal wins on social media boosts your esteem, your treasure is in the wrong place. (Matthew 6:19-20)

#5 Remember nobody’s life is perfect regardless of your newsfeed. Broke people go on great vacations, good kids have bad days, and long marriages aren’t necessarily happy marriages. Nobody wakes up with hair and make up on flawless. People who love Jesus aren’t actually Jesus and so they sin daily and people who quote positive things can sometimes be negative. (Philippians 3:12)

Remember, Don’t let someone’s snapshot represent the whole “REAL”.

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