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5 “D” Things I’d Do If I Weren’t A Christian


Christians, as a collection of individuals, pretty much do what everybody else does hence the… but for the grace of God there go I.

Having said that, a relationship with Jesus changes your life.  Some people stop drinking or change the way they dress. I did neither of those. Jussayin. Though there is no defined list of Christian behaviors — besides love — there should be some things that you do or don’t do because of your faith.

“Though there is not a defined list of Christian behaviors — besides love — there should be some things that you, individually, do or don’t do because of your faith.”

Have you ever thought about how different your daily life would be if you weren’t a follower of Jesus Christ? You haven’t?  Seriously? I have.  This is my “If it had not been…” list…


Yep, lots of them. Real ones…like heroin and LSD and stuff.   I mean, who really wants to deal with life, death, destruction, disease, and disappointment? Not me. Without Jesus, I would definitely stay high all the time to avoid life.


I’d spend all my money on me.  Me! Me! Me! all the way home. Then I’d create a bunch of debt to do anything else. Stewardship is a Christian principle. Darn it! Otherwise…

Daily Dessert 

Why not eat what I want and a lot of it?  Well… because the Bible tells me that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and I need to honor God with my body. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)  Otherwise, I’m telling you that I would eat nothing but cake and french fries.


Right between the eyes. Physically and emotionally… all of it all the time. Why extend forgiveness when you can do damage instead? If Jesus didn’t tell me to love my enemies I wouldn’t even be writing this blog write now. I’d be shading folks on Instagram. Trust me! I know this to be true.  I’m just an old hateful vigilante transformed by the Holy Ghost.


This does not require a lot of explanation.  Like my grandmother used to say, “Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?”

See, I came up with those things right off the top of my head. Your faith makes a daily difference in who you are.  What you eat, where you go, how you respond to the news that Lebron is leaving Cleveland….all that.  Your decisions and reactions are shaped by what you believe about God, Jesus, and the world around you. So…

How is your daily life different because of your faith in Jesus?

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