Is Lebron The King James Version of God’s Glory?

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Photo: People Magazine

At Shine TYC we experience God everywhere…the trees, the oceans, the wind that blows by us when we see Lebron James fly through the air like he has wings on his ankles.  Did you see that game? Yeah, that one. God shines His glory all around us and when we watch Lebron James dragging grown men around his waist and shoulders to the basket for an “and one” we shout “Look at God!”




Lebron James

Photo: Lebron James 

Is Lebron super-human? A miracle? A new creation of God’s ability? No. No. And No. Lebron embodies the principles of God that produce the fruit of purpose.  In the book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell, challenges our view of “exceptional” or “God-given” talent.  Through studies and examples, Gladwell shows us that what we often deem as success is not just a function of dedication, focus, hard work, and experience but well….God’s providence. (My words not his.) He makes a connection between our success and our life journeys.  Reading Outliers,  we nod and “mmm hmm” on a foundation that God creates everyone for a purpose.  And if you have ever seen Lebron James,  it’s  pretty clear that his life was written before the first bounce pass. (Psalm 139:16)

Having now made his way to eight straight NBA Finals with a variety of supporting casts, Lebron exhibits power and authority on the basketball court. He knows who he is and what he was created to do. Why don’t we all harness the power of God in that way?  It’s available to us. The accountant. The teacher. The writer. The plumber.   God doesn’t necessarily call us to “vocation.”  Many people change careers and jobs.  But God calls us to “creation.”  Who are you? You were created to bring glory to God in whatever you do.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers had lost that game, we’d be no less in awe of Lebron’s ability.  Lebron is exceptional. He is one of the greatest athletes we’ve ever seen and that greatness lies in all of us through the power of God.

“You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor.”  – Psalm 8:5

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