Get Fed and Focused

Why did I write this book? My new book “Fed and Focused” comes as a direct result of my own struggles and life experience.  I learned to lived on purpose and so can you. The book isn’t a memoir about my trials. Nope! I jump right to solutions and teach you how to live on purpose.

“What if your car decided its going to mow the grass instead of transporting you from place to place?”

What if your car decided its going to mow the grass instead of transporting you from place to place? As ridiculous as that sounds, it is the way many of us live.  We were created for a purpose, but we have decided to do something else.  If your car decides to be a lawn mower, it will cause a ripple of purpose problems.  First, you will be stuck at home and unable to go anywhere.  Your grass will be up to your kneecaps because cars can’t mow grass. Not to mention, your poor lawn mower will have to find something else to do since its purpose is already taken. Now the lawn mover decides it’s going to be a sprinkler.  So now you have dead, dry grass up to kneecaps while you’re stuck at home.  You see the mess? It’s an absurd illustration of what happens in our lives when we do not live on purpose.

Learn to BE who you are

We are human BE-ings, not human DO-ings. There has to be a link between what we do and who we are. My new book Fed and Focused uses biblical context and practical examples to help readers make the connection between why we were created and what we do in our daily lives.

God created you for a purpose. You were a purpose before you were a person. You were created because there is a need that requires your skill, passion and personality. We all desire to be who God created us to BE. It’s our purpose. How we live out that purpose – using our individual strengths and talent – is our specific assignment from God.

It’s time to start living on purpose. Get Fed and Focused and be on your way to a more satisfied life.

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