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Pro-Choice Christians

chatting-2Shine TYC is AUTHENTIC, BOLD, SMART, and COURAGEOUS and so we are not afraid to express our views.  We believe life begins before conception.  We believe you were a purpose before you were a person.  We also believe in a woman’s right to choose.

Pro-Choice does not mean pro-abortion. As of late, people seem to be unable to handle broad concepts that require critical thinking and civility. It has become necessary for everything to be a simple extreme so we can further divide ourselves within the body of Christ.

One of the loudest debates inside quiet Christian circles is the political debate (irony) of a woman’s right to choose. There are a few reasons why we, at Shine TYC,  are pro-choice Christians….

God is Pro-Choice

As Christians we believe in the free will of humans to either submit their lives to the ways of the Lord or live apart from him.  1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us that we will face temptations that are common human dilemmas and that God is faithful to help us endure them and give us a way out.  There are other options for women beyond abortion. We, in the body of Christ, need to do a better job helping them choose the Godly option rather than trying to remove the temptation from their choice. Let’s adopt more children, teach young people (and old) about purity and abstinence, let’s testify about the miracles of God and faith in parenting. Rather than grabbing our pitchforks and heading to the nearest Planned Parenthood why don’t we do our jobs: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matt 28:19-20)

Everybody is Not Christian

My mother has a saying: “The world does what the world does.”  Limiting the choice of  non-Christian women by Christian standards is nonsensical. We, The body of Christ, are in covenant with God and are held to our covenant by faith. If a woman has not accepted that covenant and given her life to Christ, the rest of her life choices are analogous to that.  I really want to insert a “Duh!” right here but I won’t. In 2 Peter 3:9 we learn that God is patient with us, not wanting us to perish and wants everyone to come to repentance – not be dragged, but to come by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Again, if the Church (capital C) -would get on our jobs – then there would be more Christians in this great nation and the culture would reflect more our our beliefs.

Matt Walsh of The Blaze says of Pro-Life Christians, “These Christians are also guilty of denying countless passages in Scripture and rejecting some of the most fundamental and foundational doctrines of our faith.”  I object!!  However, I do have a pretty good inkling that non-Christians certainly ignore the scripture in making a decision whether or not to have an abortion. For that matter, many Christians that have abortions do too.  It’s time to can the political rhetoric and attack the issue, not each other.  How  can we make it so a woman never feels like abortion is her best choice?

Anti-Abortion is NOT Pro-Life

If pro-lifers can suggest that being pro-choice is pro-abortion then I can certainly make the observation that many of these evangelical “Pro-life”voices are staunch supporters of the 2nd amendment and the death penalty. I do not see  pro-life rallies in the streets of Chicago where there were 762 murders last year. Where is the outrage?!!  Where are the pro-life voices when police kill unarmed men and women and children? Why aren’t the pro-life advocates trying to find a cure for cancer and AIDS?  If you are advocate for life – which is what the “pro” means – then ALL LIFE MATTERS.  Right? So please forgive me if I don’t join your “pro-life” movement as a part of my expression of faith.  I find it more like political posturing.

In my book, Par for the Curse, I decided to illustrate this issue of abortion.  On my book tour a woman told me that it was a “heavy handed Pro-Life message.”  Two cities later, another reader said to me, “I’m Christian and I didn’t like how we were portrayed in that part.” That scene in Par for the Curse illustrates my views.  I believe in a woman’s right to choose and I hope and pray that she never chooses to have an abortion. But if she does, God will still be God and He will be patiently waiting on her repentance. I’ll be here to help her find Him.

Need help making your choice?  Click Here.


Par for the Curse by Kamryn Adams examines the impact of generational secrets on family, life, and love.



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    1. Hi Mary, thank you for sharing. I’m unsure how it opposes the content of the post above. The world is not driven by the convictions of the Holy Spirit. Just as there were people who worshipped Baal then, there are pagan people today. I agree. Those of us in Christ recognize the sin in the world. Additionally, we cannot legislate to rid the world of sin. It is our job to witness to lead the world to Christ and out of the bondage of sin. God gives us a free will to choose Him.

  1. This is one of the most thoughtful articles I’ve read on the pro-choice, pro-life debate. Thank you for giving a voice to those of us who cherish life while at the same time respecting a woman’s right to chose.

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