Where Is God? 3 Places to Find God After Election 2016

finding-godAfter election 2016, many people, both Christians and non-Christians alike, may be asking “Where is God?”

In the wake of Election 2016 there is a divide in our nation that has become more visible than ever.  As time goes on, it may shrink or it may widen. It is very doubtful that it will remain the same as it is today. Our attitudes and actions as Christians over the next 90 days will determine the course of our destiny because there is a harvest of hurting and angry people on both sides of the aisle.  We are in a unique position to give those people a solution for their hurt and anger. A solution we know well. That solution is Jesus.  After election 2016, the opportunity to tell people about Jesus is knocking at our stained glass doors.

So, what will you say to someone who cries out, “Where is God?”  Jeremiah 29:13 tells us that if we diligently seek God with all of our heart we will find him.  Well, that is easy for those of us who know where to look. For the many people who feel lost right now and have no idea where to turn we can direct them to God.

“Where is God?”

The Bible (Hebrews 1:1-2)

Point people to God’s word. As you read the Bible you learn a lot about who God is and about who we are as flawed humans. There are many scriptures to help people deal with their pain, disappointment, anger, grief, etc. You can guide them to passages that help them put their trust in God. You can also suggest that they get The Bible for Beginners if they feel intimidated by the Bible and the scriptures. It’s an easy place to start.

Creation (Romans 1:20)

Encourage people to look around them and see all the beauty that God has created. As the fall leaves turn colors and days get shorter, we can illustrate God’s perfect plan for seasons. When we observe animals depending on God to eat and rest, it helps us to remember that we, too, are God’s creation and He takes care of us. Encourage them to go to a lake, river or ocean and see the way the water moves in perfect concert. This illustrates that God always has a plan and it is in harmony with His will for us.

YOU! (John 17:23)

The absolute best place for people to find God right now is in YOU. No matter which button you pushed in Election 2016, if you are a Christian, you have a testimony and a witness to share with others.  Tell them you know God is real because of your own journey to seek and find Him. Share your own love for God and your comfort in the scriptures that tell us that God loves us. Share your feelings about the election, the process and the comfort we have in Christ Jesus regardless of the outcome. Share about the pain we feel as Christians because so many of our beliefs are distorted by the political, entertainment, social institutions of our nation.  Remind them that there is no Christian party and whether we are elephants or donkeys our hope is in THE LAMB of GOD.

Lastly, if you are feeling courageous, tell them how you know God is with us.  As Christians, we know God loves us and He is with us even when we cannot see him with our eyes or touch Him with our hands. We know this, not because of where we can find him, but because of where we CANNOT find Him – in a tomb of the Resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ, The Lord.


Kamryn Adams is a certified coach, award-winning author, and Christian Lifestyle Personality.  For more visit KamrynAdams.com






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