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Miracles from Heaven with Jennifer Garner

91ZMWE8bOvL._SL1500_   My schedule doesn’t really allow me to see many movies unless I am on assignment. That’s the truth. Over the course of the year I manage to see the films on my “to view” list.  So I’m excited that “Miracles from Heaven” is coming out tomorrow on DVD.

As a Christian Lifestyle Personality, I encourage Christians to exhibit their faith in every decision of their lives, especially the way they spend money on entertainment.

Movie reviews, like everything else, require you to consider the source.  Here’s what some critics are saying about “Miracles from Heaven.”

In the Huffington Post, Joel Watts writes, “Miracles from Heaven is a miracle in of itself. Gone are the stereotypical storylines, the barely-out-of-drama-club acting, and the evangelical message hidden behind self-serving branding — maybe because it is based on a true story, or maybe because the production company has matured somewhat since previous films. Regardless, what is presented on the screen is a movie that is heart-wrenching, funny, and deeply Christian without presuming you will have a conversion experience merely by being in the audience. Rather, I am almost convinced that the targeted audience is not the supposed sinner or unbeliever, but the Christian who judges others for fallen towers as well as those who deny the power of God to act in their lives.”

This is precisely why I will pick up the movie tomorrow.  A movie like “Risen” is designed to convert unbelievers in the audience. It has an evangelistic tone and purpose.  “Miracles from Heaven” is for us, the believers.  We can often struggle with our faith in difficult times and the movie is purposed to help us through those times. It is unlikely a non-believer will ever see this one. They know from the title that they are in for some God and Jesus stuff.

Whereas an outlet like Variety found the movie to be an “unapologetic manipulation in such an innocuous slice of inspirational hokum,” The New York Times finds it to be an “unexpectedly effective tear-jerker” that shows the stresses of parenting and illness while delivering an inspirational message rather than conversion plea.

Despite ulterior motives to “Christian-bash” or a biased attempt at increasing the “faith-based movie bottom line,” critics agree that the movie is inspirational and uplifting to those of us who know that there is a God.

I do not know about you…but right now I could use a little inspiration.  I could use a reminder that God still performs miracles.

“Miracles from Heaven” releases on July 12th.

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  1. This is a great film!!! Jennifer Garner was superb in this role.It was very emotional and fast moving not one dull scene. I am glad that the film industry is producing movies of this kind. This is a “must see” movie. Enjoy it and bring hankies as Jennifer Garner gives the performance of her career.

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