Are You My Soulmate? by Robin Burke


Apostle Robin Burke is the Founder and Pastor of Pure Ministry Outreach in Ironton, OH. She is the author of “A Lamp Unto My Feet”.  Her philosophy in Bible teaching is to go deeper and not neglect “the more to it.” 


Everybody wants to be in a relationship with their soulmate. A soulmate is someone that is ideally suited to another as a close friend or romatic partner.   Soulmates are here to challenge and awaken us so that our life purpose will be fulfilled.   When a soulmate comes into your life, he/she already has an awareness that they belong with you.

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A soulmate understands that they have been placed in your life by God at this very moment to fulfill  an assignment and mission.  They both understand that the relationship is divinely ordered by God and without one another they are  incomplete.  Their love for one another is purpose-driven and going in the same direction toward God’s plan for their lives individually and collectively.   Soulmates look to each other in a common love that is God.

God is Love.


Soulmates know that their purpose in life is to be used by God, together as partners.  Like lovebirds, they must stay together. If separated, one will die. They are connected by the soul. Therefore, their souls must be aligned. Both people must have given their souls to God because God is the one in charge of the relationship. They must have individual relationships with Christ and a collective faith in God.

The soulmate experience is unique.

Everybody in life does not find a soulmate. It is a rare jewel to be found. Millions of couples exist without a common divine purpose. They are two individuals walking through life at the same time near each other but not really together. They are partners and they may even remain partners for life but if one dies, the right set of educational, economic, vocational, or physical attributes can replace the loss.  This is not so for soulmates. A soulmate is irreplaceable.

Are you looking for a soulmate?  If so, the next time someone comes into your life path, you’ll need to determine if they are going in the same direction you are going.  Is their movement being charged with God’s purpose or simply vain ambition?  Do they have an individual relationship with Christ that can add to the relationship? Life and love are a journey.  If you do not select someone that is ideally suited for you by God, your life journey is sure to be a long trip.


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