Destination Spas for Finding Purpose

1292_canyon_ranch_tucson_clubhouseCaring for your spiritual health requires many things: bible study, prayer, fellowship, worship and for me, a destination spa where I can consecrate myself with God.  If you enjoy the day spa experience you will fall head over heels in love with the destination spa experience. My personal favorite is Canyon Ranch in Tuscon Arizona.  The tranquility and self reflective time always does me well.  The surroundings will have you awestruck and if you do not believe God created the earth…you will when you leave there.
At Canyon Ranch you do not just get a massage. You get “advanced restorative touch therapies”.  How’s that for melting away the stress of being fabulous?  The spa is 80,000 square feet and offers everything you need for both active and leisurely choices. I like to start my day with Pilates then rest up awhile in my private relaxation room. In the afternoon I kick it up a notch with a dance class to see if I still got it…and I do.  Then I close it out with spa services that allow me to wind down for the evening before heading to the Health and Healing center-which by the way- has a sleep lab for all you people that are living as fabulous but sleep deprived beauties.

One of my favorite things about Canyon Ranch is the nutrition program. Healthy eating is a must. If you d96432280_d1o not sleep and rarely have time to eat then what you put inside your body is extremely important. High fiber, low salts, healthy fats are on the menu for you to enjoy.  Eating meals alone lends time for reflection and renewal. I mean, how often do you get to sit down and enjoy a quiet meal with your creator?

Canyon Ranch is a place to re-center those things that life, work, and family obligations have knocked around a bit.  It is a place for introspection and enjoyment of being YOU.  If you need insight into your purpose and God’s plan for your life, a destination spa may be just what you may need.

My Top “Destination Consecration”  Choices:

  1. Canyon Ranch, Tuscon, Arizona
  2. The Golden Door, San Marcos, California
  3. Canyon Ranch, Lenox, Massachusetts
  4. Salamander Resort & Spa, Middleburg, Virginia
  5. Renaissance Vinoy, St. Petersburg, Florida

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