Olay Pro-X for Aging Skin

I started my skincare regimen at 23 years old. I wanted to get ahed of the curve.  Some people told me I didn’t need it. Others s81Ph1nYiAXL._SX466_aid it was a waste of money at that age.  I’ve been fairly pleased with my skin up until recently then suddenly everything changed.  I started to develop more acne than when I was a teenager. My skin was dry in some places and oily in others. It was, for me, a skincare nightmare because I had never experienced such issues.  On top of all of that, my skin began to age with crows feet, laugh lines, and wrinkles in my forehead. Oh No! The face in the mirror was quite a few years older than the spirit within. That’s when I started my search for a new skincare regimen.

Over the years I’ve used Mary Kay, Lancome, Clinique, Sei Bella, and Neutrogena full skincare lines. I’ve also tried a number of ancillary “miracle” products from various brands. Most recently I was pleased with Arbonne RE9 and was sold on it for life. Then I turned the big four-OH and my skin changed. So, my skincare regimen needed to change too. That’s when I found Olay Professional Rx.

I’ll admit, I’m quite the beauty snob. I don’t use products that you can get anywhere.  The only reason I used Neutrogena is because I used to work for Johnson & Johnson, otherwise I’m strictly a counter cosmetics girl i.e., MAC, NARS, BB.  However, as my skin changed so did my snobby attitude towards “store” brands.  I did my research and saw that Olay produced an anti-aging skincare line that was available “everywhere”.  I went to my local Target (my Fave!) and bought the products. Contrary to my prior opinion, they weren’t exactly cheap- $165 for the anti-aging and cleansing lines. So, I felt like I was getting a pretty good product.  The claims were out there, but we can all make claims. Right?  True. But I will say, that after consistently using the Olay Pro Rx line my skin came back to life.  AND after it did, I got a little relaxed on my nighttime regimen. Guess what? My skin got dull and it broke out again. So back to consistency I went.

Olay Professional Rx anti-aging line gets 4/5 stars from me with the potential to upgrade to 5 stars if I still love it in a few months.  I can visibly see a difference in the fine lines on my face. My forehead looks tighter and firmer. The lines around my eyes are smoother, though still visible. Score! Live brings plenty of changes. You gotta flow with it. Just be consistent.



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