Philips SHOQBOX Speaker

Kamryn AdamsI had a really awesome assignment this summer to review the Philips Shoqbox Mini Water Resistant Bluetooth speaker.  This speaker is so cool and lets me listen to my own music while I’m swimming at the pool or beach.

If you put it under water you cannot hear the sound as well, of course, but putting it under water does not ruin the speaker. You can completely submerge this speaker without damaging it.  I can float in the pool with the speaker in the water next to me. I can put this speaker on the edge of the pool and not worry about one of the kids kicking it in the pool ( or me spilling sangria on it). Yes Christians drink sangria. This one does, anyway.  

I won’t bore you with all of the technical stuff that I learned at the Techlicious luncheon, where I first got this amazing water resistant bluetooth speaker and cool assignment. So here’s what I know now after having it for the summer.

This speaker is completely water resistant.  You know the way some gadgets are “water proof” and it means that if they accidentally get a little wet they should be OK? Well, this speaker has a casing that can be completely submerged in water and/or stay floating on top for hours.  For now it only comes in black but I would encourage philips to make a few more colors…like white to match my bikini would be great. Just saying.

The sound is good. I have had a number of other portable speakers – not water proof – and this one sounds just as good as some of the leading bluetooth speakers.

You can use it with your phone. Yes I can be in the water and still talk on the phone without worrying about dropping my phone in the pool.  Score! It has a microphone built in and an answer button.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery. So far I’ve gotten five hours of play out of it before it needs to be recharged. That’s a day at the beach!

Get Your Own Shoqbox

This is such a great speaker for us “water” families.  I plan to get these as gifts for my girlfriends who also love beach vacations and pool staycations. As of July 5th, 2015, you can get the Philips Shoqbox Mini for $49.99 at  I hope you like it as much as I did. Music helps me shine!


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