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Shining Through Your Cracks

We all come into the world in one beautiful, innocent, cuddly piece. And then life starts to chip away at us, experience by experience, relationship by relationship, self-loathing thought by thought. These things start to shape who we are and we get farther and farther away from who God created us to be. BUT GOD can put all those pieces back together again. Brokenness is a part of the journey to wholeness. It’s okay if you feel broken right now. That just means you are ready to get whole.

Imagine taking a vase and breaking it on the floor. Now gather as many pieces as you can and glue them back together…like a puzzle. You can make it look like a vase again. It may no longer hold water BUT put it back on the table and light a candle inside. Watch the light shine through the cracks. You are that broken vase. You can put the pieces back together and let your light shine. It is not too late.

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