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Making Decisions On Purpose


There is nothing worse than being in a situation because the decision you made was not your own.  It is terrible to suffer the consequences of a decision that you were bullied into or forced into by social pressure. So you need to be wise and move through life at your own pace and on your own terms being led by the Spirit of God that lives in you.  Isaiah 30:21 promises that whether you turn to the right or to the left you will hear a voice that tells you which way to go. 

Societal and family pressure can often force us into a life that is less than satisfying.  We choose the home, job, and friends we think we should have versus the life we are purposed and created to have. In order to live a life of purpose and own your actions you have to go through a purposeful process of decision-making. 

“Can I fully own this decision in my heart?”


Taking a purposeful approach to decision-making helps us own our decisions, behaviors and responses.  Here are some questions I always ask myself…

How will I feel if this situation turns out differently than I imagine? 
How will I feel if this situation turns out badly?  
Am I making this decision out of fear, lack or a need?
What is my motivation for making this choice, people or God? 
Can I fully own this decision in my heart?  

The Role of Time

Sometimes it is not a matter of if you will do something, but when you will do it.  Do not make life-changing decisions until you can wholly own them. You may have a clear idea of what you will do, but you may not be ready to own it. That is okay.  In order for you to live on purpose you have to be ready to own your choices. That takes time. Stay focused on the goal and go at a pace that is right for you. At the right time, when you are sure God is with you….go for it! 

The Role of Others

Never forget to make decisions based upon how the spirit of God leads you. To do this you have to spend time with God (by yourself) to gain clarity on what you will do.  You cannot let the interpretations of others drive your understanding of destiny and purpose for your life. However, God will use other people to guide you into your purpose and destiny. Being guided means you know where you are going and someone helps you get there. Being guided does not mean that someone else declares who you were created to be.

By definition, purposeful living is to be led by God, guided by trusted people and going at the pace God has given you. So go ahead and shine on purpose. Shine through your cracks. 

1 thought on “Making Decisions On Purpose”

  1. Very true. So many of us dont support our friends and family decisions even when ultimately they dont affect us. A woman says im going to wor part time at a strip club. We jump to conclusions, damn her to hell and pray to jesus she finds the way out. We never asked her if she was going to dance or serve drinks, if she needed help with babysitting or making sure shes safe.

    We need to remember We dont OWN anybody not even ourselves or our children.So its useless to judge others decisions & actions. Ultimately the people we judge and criticize are the people we secretly envy for theyre courage and confidence. in the words of Robin Harris ” yea i said it Fu#% it, Cry 2 tears in a bucket.” lol.

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