4 Reasons Not to Cut Off Your Relationships

Learning to accept (not just tolerate) other people is a huge part of our journey to love. We have a tendency to feel like everyone (or most people) should think like us, behave like us, BE like we are. If you are a fast-paced, goal-oriented driver it takes an effort to build relationships with slower-paced, more “free minded” and relaxed people. If you are a cautious and analytical person it may be a challenge to be around a rather impetuous visionary who only see the possibilities. The truth is that our society needs all kinds of people to function – even the difficult ones.  Refusing to deal with a certain “kind” of person would be like cutting off your ears because you enjoy talking more than listening. You still need your ears even it you don’t use them that often to listen.

There is a passage of scripture in the Bible (1 Corinthians 12)  that speaks about the whole body in reference to the Body of Christ – the church.  This same concept applies with the entire body of society and our relationships with one another. You are going to run across many different kinds of people in your life.  Some will delight you. Others will challenge your patience and love in relationships.  Like our physical bodies, we need a lot of different parts to function properly. These parts are very different from one another but without all of them the body not only loses its function but it fails to exist.

It may be hard to believe but the world needs both Donald Trump and Kanye West.  Likewise, you need hands, feet, eyes, ears and a nose.  Missing any one of them would cause a significant imbalance in how you move and function.  Assuming that you already love yourself, which, by the way, is a huge assumption, it is easier to love other people. However, those people can make it quite a challenge to build healthy relationships with them. Remembering that love is an action and not just a feeling we are charged with doing things that show love for others.  Yes, it can be really difficult.  That teacher. That neighbor. That one frenemy. Somebody gets on your last nerve and you have tried to be kind and positive but they are not receptive to anything less than a good cussing out. You would rather just cut that kind of person out of your life. But, doing that would be like cutting off your ears and you will need them again one day.

Jesus spoke in parables often because the people could not really grasp what he was saying. Since many people are just “over it” with society and the current state of humanity it’s probably better to talk about ears.   He that has an ear let him hear why you should not cut your ears off.

Ears Can Be Cleaned

Sometimes, the problem with your ears is simply a clog of wax. Our ears need to be cleaned and once you get rid of the blockage then they seem to be less bothersome. The same is true of people.  You never know what people are going through in their lives. So, it may seem like an annoying “ache” to you but what you are really feeling is the blockage in that other person. A bad day, ongoing stress or a general sense of unhappiness can block people from being more positive and productive. Rather than cutting them off, spend some time helping them unblock. If that’s not what you do, then recommend that they talk to someone who can help them get unblocked.

Ears Can Be Helped

Sometimes our ears have been blocked for so long that they do stop working properly. That’s when you need to get a hearing aid. Many years of distress can inhibit our ears from functioning in a healthy way. The same is true of people.  There is a whole world of opportunity. But there is not a whole world of EQUAL opportunity. Some people have it rough.  It’s not about making excuses or self-pity. When you know better you do better. Helping people just a little can make a big difference. So rather than sitting in a place of judgement try lending a helping hand. Can you hear me now?

 Ears Can Be Dressed Up

If you don’t like your ears, you can still keep them.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of hiding them under your hair, a hat or dressing them up with an earring or two (or five).  How we perceive people is in our own minds. If you focus on the positive attributes of a person the negative ones become less pronounced. Identify something really positive about your “difficult” person and focus on that thing instead. A great pair of earrings can distract you from seeing unattractive ears.  You have to do what you have to do to keep your ears because…

Ears Have A Purpose

You cannot hear without your ears. Most people know that. Did you also know that you need your ears for balance. Our inner ear helps us keep our balance and equilibrium against gravity.  Our ears are the GPS of our body. We know where we are in relation to the gravitation pull because of our ears. So if you choose to cut off your ears because you don’t use them for listening,  you may also be affecting your ability to balance. Yes, people who are not like us balance us in our perspective and help our personal evolution.  When the hearing aid, the wax removal and the earrings don’t work you have to get more intentional about keeping your ears. You have to remind yourself that they have a purpose to help balance you. Your ears have a purpose for being exactly where they are on your head and people have a purpose for being exactly where they are in your life.
So before you start cutting off every relationship in your life that challenges you, think of your ears. You need them to keep you balanced. Happy Listening!!!


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