Surround Yourself With the Right People

Who is on your team? If you are saying to yourself “What team?” then I can suppose that you have not formed a team of people around you to help you build a successful life.  You cannot go it alone.  A standard philosophy in personal development is that you must have like-minded people around you that challenge you, inspire you and can assist you in being the best YOU that you can be.  It is why Christians go to church. It is why corporations have company-wide sales meetings.  We need time to align with like-minded people in order to achieve our individual goals.

The Purposeful Living Board of Directors 

Some call it your vine.  Some say it is the people holding your ladder.  Regardless of the nomenclature you assign, your board of directors is the group of people that keep you going in the direction of your dreams, goals, and purpose.  
If you have managed to make your social circle the same as your BOD, kudos to you. Well done! It is likely there are a few people who sit in both places. Most of us have friends from high school/college, old team mates, neighbors who have become part of our social circle and we enjoy them. That is quite alright. Your social circle is not designed to fuel your success. However, your BOD is your compass on your journey to purposeful living.
The first step to building your team is to figure out what roles you need in your life to be successful.  It’s like a job posting.  Before you give someone a position, there has to be a job description. So…what positions are on your personal development board?  Go through a visual exercise of building out your board of directors by naming the seats around the table.  Here’s an example:
The Visionary (The ideas person)
The Pragmatic (The details person)
The Health Officer (Encourages you to stay healthy)
The Spiritual Compass (Keeps you aligned with your morals & values)
The Cheerleader (Tells you that you are doing great)
The Critic/Naysayer (Helps you see potential obstacles)
The Counselor (Just listens)
The Comedian (Makes you laugh)
The Mentor (Guides and directs in business endeavors) 
The Role Model (Guides and directs in life endeavors)
If you are world class athlete you may not need a health officer. If you are a visionary,  you may not need an ideas person.  You decide what your needs are and then assign someone in your life to fill those seats. If you don’t know anyone who can fill the seat successfully, start networking to find someone.  The important point is that you build alliances with people to help direct you along your journey to purposeful living. 

Take A Seat  

Not only do you need your own Purposeful Living BOD but you must also occupy a seat on the boards of those around you. Ideally everyone on your BOD has a BOD of their own.  The law of sowing and reaping suggests that the more you deposit into others the more you will receive.  So identify what role you can play for others and take a seat! 

On this journey to purposeful living we begin to find contentment in all that is around us.  The journey is not easy and it will not be without obstacles and set backs. However, if we join with like-minded individuals to encourage us, direct us, guide us and keep us on task, we will meet our goal of living a life ON PURPOSE with the greatest impact on the world around us.

Kamryn Adams is an author and ICF certified as a life coach, business coach and family/relationship coach. An emotional wellness advocate and life management expert, she offers effective, real-life solutions to personal, family, work and life dilemmas that affect the emotional well-being and daily lives of women and their families. Her latest book “Stay In Your Lane” provides readers with a necessary pep talk to begin the journey of self-discovery on the way to purposeful living in business and in life. 

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