Random Thoughts on Love and Us

Selfie…is a silly name that makes me giggle.

I am certainly not old. But, I am not wet behind the ears either. I’ve got enough life behind me to know I can’t go back and fix it and enough ahead of me to still have goals and dreams.  I resent being told that I am in “midlife” because that means you have put an estimate on my days. I may not know everything there is to know, but I know a whole lot more than what I used to know. What I know now is that most of what I thought I knew then was not what I thought it was in the first place.  You got that?

So rather than believe that I KNOW things now, I’d rather say this is what I THINK and here’s what I think about it…

If seasoned couples would keep it real about the struggles of marriage and family life…maybe some of the younger couples would make it in relationships or at least make a wiser decision to enter marriage. Marriage and family are wonderful institutions with many rewards. But, it is not all roses. All marriages can be tough. Perhaps, if we share these stories then the next generation might not be so darn apt to give up when things do not go their way. I am not saying that all divorce will be eliminated but I am saying that folks will learn that they have to put in a decent effort before calling it quits.

Rather than shy away from sexual discussion with young couples, we should have frank conversation and tell the truth.  Sex is way better and requires less mental effort when it’s new but eventually it gets old and that doesn’t mean your relationship is broken.  You can pretty much get an orgasm with anyone if you focus hard enough. Additionally, the five minutes after sex is not the time to decide how you feel about a person or a relationship. Wait until you find your life mate so you won’t have comparisons and competing thoughts in your mind.

Don’t spend every penny you earn. Don’t save every penny you earn. Plan. Balance. Enjoy your life and plan for the future.  Give. Give some more. Make clear lines of definition between needs and wants. I needed a car. I wanted my BMW.  I needed a coat. I wanted a black mink.  Everything that looks like money isn’t money. Everything that looks broke, ain’t broke. (Yes, ain’t!)

Men should stop writing books and having conferences to develop women. I don’t want to think like a man because if I do then who will be thinking like a woman. I understand that the woman’s market is the dominant economy and that women make most purchasing decisions but please let men be men. There is enough development to be given to the men in the world.

If horses were sufficient we would have never created cars. If house phones did the job they never would have created mobile phones.  If man was enough God would never have created a woman.

You don’t know everything. In fact, you don’t know much of anything. Time has passed but times have not changed. There is nothing new under the sun.  The same elements exist in your childhood. We have strangers, drugs and the ability show off our naked bodies. The difference is we had parents who held us accountable for our behavior and punished us as such. Use your brains to become critical thinkers and aspire to something.

A successfully fertilized egg that makes it through gestation is not the definition of becoming a parent. Parenting takes skill. No child is to blame EVER.  This generation is off the hook because we did not do our jobs. All of us!

Social Media
Has made us more social and less personable.

Are big business that drives an economy…supply and demand.

Reality TV
Is not real. #thatsall

Is real and there is sufficient evidence to prove it because there is insufficient evidence to disprove it. Some believe a supreme being said “Let there be” and the world exists.  Some believe that the pieces of the universe came together, made a spark and the world existed….but in order for there to be pieces of the universe there had to be a universe.  And in order for anything to be, it had to be created so the way I see it these views are not opposing at all.

Thank you for listening to my random thoughts.

I Love you! -Kamryn

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