The Power and Influence of Women

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Hashtag this! Hashtag that! Social media does a great job bringing awareness to the problems of our world. Once we know about #FreeJenaSix and #JeSuisCharlie what are we to do? Our lives are filled with causes and concerns that can sometimes overwhelm us. As women we have a heart for our men, our children, and the issues that affect them. The foundation of the power and influence of women lies our ability to pray and act on that prayer.

It was at the very beginning of things (Genesis 3:15-16) when God placed the burdens of the world on the heart of a woman. God made satan and women enemies. Generation after generation…enemies! Pain and destruction entered the world. Hashtag Havoc was born. He told the woman “When you give birth to children you will have much pain. You will want your husband very much but he will rule over you.” (ERV)
Moving forward to today. Hashtag this! Hashtag that!

Our relationships and families are constantly under pressure and failing at rates equal to (or greater than) success. The cost of college to educate our children is out of reach for most. Pornography that used to be available in hidden magazines is now readily available via the internet and starring our young daughters and sons. We removed prayer from schools and added sex education that excludes an option for abstinence. Women are still fighting for rights to make their own decisions, get paid equally to men and have yet to be elected to the Presidency. The majority of world rulers are men. The majority of corporate leaders are men. The principal of a school full of women teachers is often a man. The leader of a church full of women parishioners is often a man. The power of doing things in the world usually lies with men….But the burden rests heavy on the heart of women. Women have the power and influence to change things
Okay great! So now what? Well, the simple answer is prayer followed by corresponding action. You don’t need a position to have power. Men run the boardrooms and war rooms. However, we all know that women influence men in every thing they do. That’s how we got in this mess. (Genesis 3:6) Mothers, daughters, wives, and girlfriends… this is their motivation for most things. The cars they drive, the jobs they choose, the clothes they wear…all influenced by women. Men have physical power in the world. Women have spiritual power. Sure, there are men who have plenty of spiritual power…but it was often nurtured and encouraged by a woman.

There are traits in women that are full of power and influence. There are things that only a woman can do in the world. The quicker we embrace the power and influence of our womanhood the better men will be in their place of power and influence in the world. Slowly, but surely, we will see change all around us.
So here are 5 useful things in the arsenal of power and influence for women:


We have to spend time each day with God. We need to specifically address the problems in our homes and our communities. Pray for those in need, in pain, and in conflict. Pray that the men who are in power listen to those around them, are motivated by goodness and righteousness and are heeding the will of God in their lives and those that they “rule over.” Pray for your strength and wisdom to affect change.


In order to affect change you have to be informed. Know what’s going on in the hearts and minds of the men around you. Talk to your mates, your sons, your brothers and fathers. Stay current on what’s happening in the world around you. Spend less time with the Housewives of Havoc and more time on how to identify resources for change and positive improvement in your sphere of influence. Spend time reading the bible and books with biblical principal so you can understand the power and gifts that have been given to you by God. Stay in the know.

Self-Care and Self-Development

Yes, we need to regard the welfare of others but we cannot do that if we are not healthy, whole, and satisfied with ourselves. Like #2 above, turn off reality TV drama and pour into your mind and hearts positive things that will encourage you and strengthen you to be able to change the hashtag havoc in your world. Read a book, listen to affirming TV and radio, listen to music that calms your soul and allows you to think. Get rest. Eat right. Exercise.


Spend time with like-minded women who have similar vision. Rid yourself of negative energy and influence that drains you and keeps you distracted from achieving the things you desire. Join a church, a support group or form your own. Stay connected so you can stay strong and encouraged to use your influence and power.


My grandmother used to say “you can get more flies with honey than you can vinegar.” I wasn’t interested in getting any flies so I paid little attention. Then later, as I grew into womanhood, I began to understand. A tough exterior and harsh words don’t get us nearly as far as kindness and gentleness. Kindness doesn’t mean being soft or weak. It means to fill our hearts with love and ensure our motivation is right as we behave and act with others. Try not to be critical, but affirming. Try to stay calm even when a person is trying to “take you there.” Check your motivation in all things.


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