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A Letter to My Closet – I’m Sorry I Made You Fat

Dear Closet,

I love you and I’m sorry.  Over the years I’ve watched your personal development grow and watched you become more valuable in stature. From Nine west to Coach to Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chanel you have been built into a good quality collection that should remain for many years. As you grew I promised you that I was making investments in quality pieces that would last me, and so…now it’s time for me to make good on that promise.  I’m sorry I keep making you bigger and bigger. I apologize for the discomfort you feel, bulging wall to wall with party dresses and cut little special occasion tops that often go unworn from year to year. Things have got to change. I’m a life coach and I am going to help you slim down this year.

I appreciate that you have been able to provide clothes and accessories for those who are in need – but not nearly enough to justify your size.  I appreciate that you keep me clothed in all seasons and through all kinds of weather. However, this year things have got to change. I am not spending money to add another piece to your growing waistline. There are enough shoes, clothes and bags to keep you full.  The same goes for your companion jewelry chest.  I can’t keep listening to Tiffany, Traci Lynn, Stella & Dot.   Those chicks always entice me to have more than I need.

As I grow in my own personal development, you need to stop growing so fast. I’ve been roughly the same size for decades and so I haven’t purged you appropriately.  I simply keep letting you grow with each new fashion year. The more I grow on the inside the more I realize the difference between my wants and needs. I realize those things that are most important and have minimized the notion that I cannot wear the same ball gown twice. After all, it’s not your fault my circle of friends and I attend the same events around town. I’m sorry for cramming you full of sequin, satin, and rhinestone accents.

I love you, but my personal growth has now outgrown your importance. I will continue to nurture you and care for you because I am grateful for all that I have been given in this life. However, this year, you will have to remain the same size. I have enough dresses, skirts, bags and shoes. I need more love, focus, discipline and wisdom.  So my money will be spent on those things. I’ll be giving more to others to show my love. I’ll be buying more books than shoes to build wisdom.  I’m sorry, but I just have other priorities this year.

This may feel harsh and abrupt. It is. I know it’s not your fault I made you fat and now you have to bear the consequences of my indulgence. You’ve become used to having price tags hanging from your bars and new shoe boxes piled on your shelves. You will definitely feel some relief as I pull more and more away from you and give to others. You will slim down this year.

Don’t try to change my mind. I’ve thought long and hard about this. I’ve prayed for strength as your life coach to be disciplined. You need to go on a diet starting right now. So here’s the plan for us…

Instead of buying shoes…we buy books for us and for others to encourage literacy
Instead of buying clothes… we will give money to organizations that clothe others in need
Instead of buying jewelry… we will spend money bringing “Bling” to light the world around us
Instead of shopping…. we will be reading, praying, meditating, and laughing with grace

Again, I’m sorry I made you fat. But, we have a plan now to help you get back into shape.  If you stick to it,  I’ll buy you something nice in January 2016 when we celebrate our success together.

Love always,


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