A Picture Perfect Relationship

In the picture to the left you know that there is a glass. The determination of whether it is half-full or half-empty depends on your mindset. The liquid in the glass is debatable, as well. Water? Vodka? Mineral oil? Is that glass new or used? How long has the glass been sitting on the table? Is that even a table? That glass could be sitting on a book being held by a person standing on roller skates.  
“They” say that a picture is worth 1000 words.  I suppose that depends on the vocabulary, mindset and imagination of the person viewing the picture.   I certainly agree that a picture could easily be worth more than 1000 words. However, I would wager that a picture is worth only a few truly accurate words. You cannot look at a picture and know much about a situation at all. The picture captures only one moment in time and even that single moment is subject to your perspective.  Such is the same with relationships…  
Many people are discontented in relationships because they compare them to what looks like “picture perfect” couples. No relationship is perfect because relationships are built by imperfect people. Though we can certainly have relationship counselors and mentors that guide us in relationships, those mentors should present a real view of the work, dedication, and compromise that goes into building lasting, healthy relationships.  
The way we feel about our relationship should be sourced by the hope and guidance that comes from inside of us, not a false standard set by a picture in time. You may see a couple having a perfect moment. The preceding moments and those following are hidden in the hearts and minds of those two people.  Do not build your relationship to be seen as picture perfect. Build it to be a half-full glass of purifying water…or a half empty glass of vodka that got you through the day. Either way…make it your own. 

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