I Want An Arranged Marriage!

I believe in arranged marriage. Marriages arranged, predestined, and ordered by God through the Holy Spirit are successful…and that does not mean you simply stayed married. When a couple announces that they have been married for 67 years the venue erupts into applause. For all y’all know they could have been in an open marriage for 45 years, not talking to each other for 22, living in different houses for 17, and she may keep him tied up in the basement.  GOD marriage is GOOD marriage. A marriage that glorifies God in all things is a good marriage. Paperwork and certificates are government issues in a marriage. Love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control are God issues in a marriage.   (Mark 22:21)

In 2012 CNN examined the age-old concept of arranged marriage. UNICEF reports that 90% of marriages in India are arranged and the divorce rate is 1.1%.  Arranged marriages avoid divorce, but that does not, by definition, mean they “successful”.   There are many American couples that avoid divorce and choose to remain in unhappiness, disloyalty, distrust, and dishonor. So although they have kept the legal obligation, the spiritual obligation is lacking of sorts.

Having the license without the love is useless.  Having the love without the license is short-sighted because there are many benefits to being married in the eyes of the law. There are even more benefits to be married in the eyes of God. I mean, none of us are going to be married in heaven (Matt 22:30). So marriage is about your life, not your salvation. I want to live a GOD life, not just a good life. I want God to arrange every aspect of my life. So yes, to be clear, I want an arranged marriage!

Love God. Love Me. Love You!!


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