Keeping it Real With God

  Brokenness is the new normal. At least the multi-billion dollar self-help industry would suggest so.  We buy books. We watch videos. We attend conferences. We repeat positive affirmations. We think good thoughts. Finally, when we are desperate for relief,  and all out of options, we pray. I'd encourage you to pray first and let God guide you to the right resources for change. But the key to powerful prayer is keeping it real with God. "...confess all of our dirty little secrets to … [Read More...]


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Developing a Moral Compass in Our Children

Lesson #3 in the MOMnificent: Faith-Filled Parenting series. Kamryn Adams teaches us that the we can shape the way our children will go, as adults, by giving them a defined compass now that points to God.

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Lovely Blessed Body

There are few things more satisfying than discovering a new brand by Kingdom people with marketplace ministries. Voila! Let me introduce you to Lovely Blessed Body, the skincare line created by … [Read More...]



“Greenleaf” – Scripted from Reality

The short story: I love it. It’s a refreshing blast of scripted creativity that pulls us further away from the rage of reality TV. I was late to the game for “Greenleaf,” the new drama on the  Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).  Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Lamman Rucker at a social event.  He introduced […]

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Judging vs Spiritual Discernment

By Apostle Robin Burke